kanikaraca5BBC Senfoniden Türk Müzigi (Turkish)

Voyages to Musical Utopias

Allure of Chamber Music Takes Over Istanbul

Istanbul Starts off 2010 with Debuts and Bicentennials…

Borromeos Showcase Ellison’s Eclectic approach

Hezarfen çagdas müzik cografyasinda uçacak (Turkish)

İstanbul’da Spektral Tınılar (Turkish)

Borusan’a Yeni Şef (Turkish)

Yeni Eser Siparişi (Turkish)


Doğu Batı Kucaklaşması

Musical Melting Pot

Hrant Dink’in Rüyası Gerçek Oldu

Concert a Delightful and Exultant Musical Explosion

An interesting blend of trumpet and mostly-percussion pieces

by Michael Ellison:

Kaija Saariaho interview

Vivica Genaux interview

The Idea of Abstraction in Music (Turkish)

Wolfgang Rihm (Turkish)

Elektra in Istanbul


BBC Senfoniden Türk Müzigi (Turkish) video

Funkiest grad school of music in Europe right here in Istanbul


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