In the Wake of Deniz Küstü: New Commissions and Premieres for 2017-2018

October 9, 2016

Trommelsprachen – Languages of Drums (2017)

Commissioned by Siemens Foundation and Hans Neuhoff for Eight Bridges Festival, Cologne, Germany. (90-100’) Based on drum languages of India, Turkey and the Middle East, merged into a contemporary music context. For four percussion soloists and voice (V. Suresh, Fresco Zohar, Mısırlı Ahmet, Bodek Janke, Mariana Sodovska), with mixed cross-cultural ensemble.

Triple Concerto (2017-18)

for violin, viola, piano and chamber orchestra. Commissioned by Birsen Ulucan and premiered with Ayşen Ulcan, violin, Özcan Ulucan, viola/violin, Birsen Ulucan and Hungarian Chamber Orchestra in Budapest, dates tbd in Istanbul and Budapest, 2017-18 (15-18’)

Demon-desire (2017)

for bass and Bb clarinet, flute and cello. Commissioned by Ensemble Variances. April 24, 2017, St. George’s Bristol. (8’)

Virgo Israel Ornare (2016)

for cathedral choir
Commissioned by Emma Hornby and ERC for Old Hispanic Office project. Based on 9 century notation of Iberian (pre-Gregorian) chant.   Premiere: Christ Church Choir, Oxford, Stephen Darlington, director.   Bristol Cathedral, Febraury 28, 2017. (8’)

Deniz KüstüThe Sea-Crossed Fisherman (2016)

Total Music Theatre in four scenes. Simon Jones, Libretto/director. Zeynep , choreography. NOHlab, video performance.   Premiered June 11, 2016, Istanbul Music Festival, Hezarfen Ensemble, Gwion Thomas, Robyn Allgra Parton, Damian Thantrey, Louise Innes, Adam Green, Michael Rafferty, conductor. Based on 1978 novel of Yaşar Kemal. (75’)


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